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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 - Powerful. Agile. Simple

Transform Your Business with Microsoft Dynamics AX
AX2012 is a new generation of ERP and it is truly a global solution design for Enterprise company to meet today’s business needs and to cater for rapid business changes to meet market demand / trends and scale with your biz today and tomorrow and help sharpen your competitive edge and empower your people to anticipate and embrance change.
  • Prebuilt industry capabilities out of the box with proven functionalities for Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Services and Public sectors that help you to meet special Business Requirements with less customization

  • Able to scale your organization quickly with ready vertical

  • True global solutions that designed to scale with your business with multiple currencies, multiple time zones, languages and compliance with multiple banking and reporting standards and meet the local statutory requirements. Global solution for 38 countries.

  • AX2012 is a truly powerful business application with strong administrative ERP functionality, combined with industry operational functionality 

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