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Forestry & Plantation Industry

Integrated Plantation & Log System (IPL) provides the key functionality to manage a plantation business. It consists of Plantation, Nursery and Timber Production modules. The IPL is fully integrated with GIS technology that supports maps and photos.

Plantation Management

To manage the progress of the contractor engaged to plant and maintain previously harvested areas by compartment and block until maturity. Its consists of plantation structure, proposed schedule planning by compartment, blocks, issuance of work order and monitor and process and control 3rd party payment.

Nursery Management

To cultivate seeds into seedling by species to supply to planting contractor for planting and re-planting and to keep track of the issue of work orders to contractors, generate check-rolls, process 3rd party payments and monitors issuance of Inventory.

Timber Production

To extract logs from Industrial Tree Planting (ITP) and Natural Forest Management (NFM) on areas approved by the Forestry Department. The system is able to keep track of jungle stock by production block, grading and scaling of jungle stock and process the appropriate Royalty Payment to the Forestry Department.

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