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What is Microsoft Azure?

Data is the heart of any organization and backing up this data is a key part of a business strategy. Azure Backup is a scalable solution with zero capital investment and minimal operational expenses.  With the optional integrated with System Center Data Protection Manager, you can protect advances workloads running in your data center in VMs or on Physical servers
Protect Your Critical Assests Wherever They Are with Azure Integrated Backup Solution
Your data and applications are everywhere - on servers, clients, and in the cloud. Azure Backup can protect your critical applications including SharePoint, Exchange, SQL, Files and Folders, Windows Servers, Windows Clients and Azure IaaS VMs.
What is Azure Backup
Compelling cloud-based backup alternative to tape

Due to business or compliance requirements, organizations are required to protect their data for years, and over time this data grows exponentially. Traditionally, tape has been used for long term retention. Backup provides a compelling alternative to tape with significant cost savings, shorter recovery times, and also up to 99 years of retention.

Secure and reliable backup as a service

Your backup data is secure over the wire and at rest. The backup data is stored in geo-replicated storage which maintains6 copies of your data across two Azure datacenters. With 99.9% service availability. Backup provides operational peace of mind.

Efficient and flexible online backup services

Backup is efficient over the network and on your disk. Once the initial seeding is complete, only incremental changes are sent at a delivered frequency. Built-in features, such as compression, encryption, longer retention, and bandwith throttling, help boost IT efficiency

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