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GST with GST Certification

MSB was in the first batch to obtain GST Certification from Royal Custom Department of Malaysia that the GST add-on functions by MSB on Microsoft Dynamic AX is GST compliant & is approved for Malaysia implementation of GST on 1st April 2015  to replace current Sales and Service Tax.

During the  implementation process, our Financial consultants have the opportunity to work with many Tax Consultants appointed by our Clients to gain further skill & knowledge on Malaysia GST on :-

  • Understand the mechanism of GST in Malaysia as compared to Sales and Services Tax.

  • Understand on the scope of charge for GST in Malaysia and supply that subjected to GST.

  • Various types of supply and their GST treatment.

  • The important of time of supply, place of supply and value of supply that impact to GST declaration.

  • Understanding of input tax credit, blocked input tax and input tax claim on bad debts.

  • Declaration of GST return.

  • GST treatment on different industries and various schemes available

Alongside the GST add-on functions by MSB has included:-

  • Able to generate a GAF ( GST audit file)

  • Ability to generate invoice in accordance to GST legislation

  • Function to generate audit trails to re construct events when needed

  • Function to generate income tax return easily

  • Manage the tax claim on bad debts

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